Apartment 4

Apartment 4! Okay, I am going to come out and say that this one would be a stretch. It is pricier than the others and at the top of our price range. It is a 2 bedroom so I thought you would be interested in seeing it. (If you like reading about more than just an apartment search, I apologize. It is consuming my world at present.)

This is what you see upon entry. The doors are kind of dorm-like, don't you think?

The kitchen. We would need to buy a stove and oven, plus a fridge. (This is a common thing here in Belgium, I think because landlords get tired of tenants destroying their stuff, which also seems to happen commonly. How do you "destroy" a fridge?)

The living room, which is huge! Truly, it is the largest we have seen (except for the mondo- long one, apartment 1, I believe). Good lighting and good windows, too for blocking out street noise.

This is the view from the kitchen to the 2 bedrooms. Clay is in the little one we would use as an office.

This is the bedroom- so big.

Little cute bathroom. Very clean but small.

The toilet is in a little room to the right of the bathtub off the main entry. Again, kind of dorm-like.

And there you go! This apartment is a 2 bedroom, as you can see, and would work well for giving Clay office space. However it is more expensive than the others that we have seen, and not in our 100 % favorite location (though it IS across the street from Brent and Daisy which is fun. The boys already talked about rigging up a string and can phone system)

It seems the apartment hunt may be over for now. We have begun the process of getting a lease for one of the apartments below. Which one, you ask? I am waiting to reveal it until it is official... And I also like to humor myself that there are really people out there waiting on pins and needles to find out where we will be living for the next two years :)

P.S. The weather has changed. It is no longer sunny and bright in Huy. Today there was actually hail bouncing off the street! Spring seems to be in denial, however, for the sky behind the hail was blue. Here I am yesterday regretting not having my big coat. We call this photo "Texas meets Belgium." Enchantee.


Jana said...

Your mother IS waiting on pins and needles!

Unknown said...

Your Auntie Connie is on pins and needles too!

Anonymous said...

Not anonymous ... but Matt here. Praying for the right place at the right time. I can totally relate based on the awesome 2008 journey w/ you to H-town!

Anonymous said...

This picture makes me so happy, and I laughed very very hard. It looks incredibly cold
also not anonymous, caroline

Jocelyn said...

OK, I for one (or maybe for 3- as your mom and aunt also said this) was SO excited to see that there was a new apartment post- it's the first post I went to when I went to my blog to see who had updated posts!!! Maybe that makes my life a little boring, but... there you go! This one sounds good with the 2nd bedroom, but if the price is high on top of needing to get a fridge and stove... yeah... I LOVE that in all of these apartments there is not carpet- I wish America would catch on to this concept. I SO want a place with wood (even if it's fake wood) floors. Carpet w/ babies is just nasty.
So- anyways... I too am waiting on pins and needles as I need something exciting (and stress-less) in my life to focus on... and I've chosen you and your apartment search to be that thing! :) Praying for you both every day.

Unknown said...

We join in with the pins and needles already!!! So happy though that one is insight. We're praying for God's wisdom and guidance in your decision.

Kelly said...

4 is nice; but i'm still a fan of #3 with #2's view. can you just combine those? that would be awesome. ha. waiting, waiting, waiting for your choice!!