Roundtopping in Belgium

I never thought I'd say it, but I have had my fill of antique-ing and junk digging. Whew. We have been to a LOT of second-hand shops in the last few days trying to make our new apartment a home. Check out this rainbow we saw at one shop!

After shopping on Saturday, Michael and Blanca took us to a friterie for mitraettes, these huge sandwiches with a big sausage that is then covered in french fries. Again, WHEW! The biggest, most unhealthy thing ever. Pretty good, though:)

On Sunday we went to Daisy's race, and Clay got to break in the camera. Belgian style, of course, which means wrapping it in a trash bag to keep the rain off :)

This picture is for my family so that they know that Stormie really isn't so bad afterall. Can you imagine how bad this dog must stink? It was so much bigger than the picture makes it seem.

This sign made us laugh today. Not many people put up a sign warning strangers that there dog is indeed VERY nice. No need to worry, just come on in. The dog will LOVE you. Not much of a theft deterrant.

After making some purchases, Michael and Clay had to unload it all onto the street- I was praying the whole time that a bus wouldn't come and tell us to move in French and we would have to just stand there looking American and confused.

Here's the table and chairs we bought for FIVE Euro! Take that Roundtop! (Can you tell I am sad that I missed the retreat?)

We also got a mirror and a little pink trunk (to use as a coffee table).

Here is Clay at his new desk. He loves it. That man loves having office space.

Here is Michael showing us how Belgians move in furniture- through the window! Later this week, we are going to try to get our bed and some big appliances up to the 2nd and 3rd story windows of our building. Apparently this is done all the time... not in America, therefore I am very nervous. What if our mattress swings through our downstairs neighbor's windows??

After shopping today, Blanca stopped at the bread machine- how wonderful!! Fresh bread in a vending machine!

And that is all for now :)


Jana said...

I like your new furniture, especially the mirror and pink trunk. You may have to bring them home with you in 2 years :)
It won't be long and the apartment is going to look just like you.
love, mama

Kate said...

I LOVE the bread vending machine! I think that is one of the best things I have ever seen.

Anna Alexis said...

Meg! You found awesome stuff! The table and chairs are great but I am with Jana the pink chest is too cool! I laughed when I read about the mattresses swinging through the neighbors windows... I thought of "While You Were Sleeping"-Christmas tree through window :) Hope things go a little better. Thanks for posting so many fun pictures. I really love seeing them and knowing what is going on over there! I love you guys and miss you!

p.s. Josh says congrats on the new apartment!

Katie said...

It totally made me think of While you Were Sleeping too :) Your home is looking so like you guys! Such great finds. The mirror looks great over the fireplace...love the roundness at the top!
You have a house in Belgium! How great is that!?!
Miss you!

Kelly said...

what great finds!!! love all the photos, especially the first one with the rainbow. how cool.

and a fresh bread vending machine?? i think i just swooned. ;)

Unknown said...

Looking good. I really like the furniture you've picked out. How nice to have a friend with a van and a trailer!! I laughed out loud thinking about moving furniture through the windows. What a different lifestyle then in spread out Texas. And I for one am glad we don't have hot bread vending machines! I couldn't pass them up.
When I zoomed in the picture of the furniture on the street I saw a bike lane marking in the bottom -next purchase, two bikes?

Keep up the posts.

Unknown said...

I am so happy for you guys! You look happy and how exciting to shop at all those cool places and completely decorate your apartment! I miss you both so much but so happy for you. What a great experience to have for a newly married couple. I love the table guys! Love, Mom

Jocelyn said...

So glad that you are getting settled in in you NEW apartment! How fun. And it looks like you guys are experiencing so many cool and fun things! I LOVE being able to get a feel for this culture and what you guys are seeing.