Ok, to come you will see some pics from our apartment hunt. Some of the things that we are accustomed to as Americans has been challenged so bear the different culture in mind as you cast your votes :)

The main things we seek in an apartment are:
-space for Clay to do his video work
-clean bathroom (or atleast one I can make clean)
-cool view (why not?)

Appartment 1

Ok, this one is the 4th floor, converted attic. It is more of a loft space. Nice and long.

View from the other side, with opening from bedroom showing.

This is the bedroom on the second level. There is no complete wall so it is kind of open to the bottom level.

The hook up for the washer is to the right of the hot water heater. We have found that it is usually in the bathroom, occasionally in the kitchen of Belgian apartments.

Squeaky clean bathtub. A shower curtain would be a challenge though, because of the slanted ceiling.

Full oven! Big open space.

The windows are all slanted, so no direct view, but if you stick your head out...

One other downer is that since the staircase (70 steps!) is so narrow, the only way to get the furniture up is through the window, 4 stories up!! Could be pricey to rent the cherry-pickeresque truck that I think we would need.


Jana said...

Oh Baby! I don't know about this one....I kind of like my windows going up and down :) What about snow totally covering your windows? But I remember you saying that the landlord of this one is very sweet. That gets points...but the cherrypicker truck delivering furniture, I'm not sure about that either. I'm not casting a vote until I see all the other options :)
love, mama

Jocelyn said...

I agree with your momma- not too sure about this one. I DO love the long, open living area, but the slanted walls. My parents had them in their over-garage room and it was really annoying- couldn't hang anything or put anything up against the wall. Those are just my thoughts!

Unknown said...

Nix this one, you may come home hunch back. It looks short to me.
Love always, Aunt Connie