Thursday's musings

I am loving how much you guys are loving the apartment hunt :) Seriously, it makes me so happy. It makes me feel like we aren't an ocean away. Thank God for the Internet!!

Allow me to introduce you to Sofia, the 17 month old we live with. She is the cutest little Belgian-Colombian you have ever seen. Here you will see her unloading the tupperware cabinet as she does every evening while Blanca is cooking dinner. Isn't it funny how all kids are the same?

Also funny is how happy we were when Clay discovered that there is wireless internet somewhere near the living room, so we now have internet at home!! YES! We just have to scrunch up really close to the wall behind the couch to get signal :)

Yesterday, we went with Brent to Liege where we could attend language school. There is another session beginning on April 20th, but we would be jumping in kind of late. We'd have to work really hard to catch up. I kind of feel like we already ARE catching up in so many ways that this one more thing wouldn't be so bad :) We have a little time to decide.

And a final observation. Instead of child size mannequins (which are scary enough) most stores here just use baby dolls. Ok, THIS baby doll pictured below is the exact one that I had (and STILL have somewhere) when I was little. Funny, but made me kind of sad. Think, all this time my doll was in the U.S. being loved while this poor little Euro-baby had to work for a living. Another reminder that life is soo not fair.

(Jumping into a new culture makes one's musings somewhat strange. Pardon.)


Benefits Drinking Water said...
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Jana said...

Meg, that baby doll is up in a closet. Remember when Clint used to squeeze her head and make her breathe through her nostrils? And one day her head popped off :) PawPaw Pasche put it back on!
Love, mama

Kelly said...

ok the baby mannequins are indeed a bit freaky.

i am laughing so hard at the image of clint squeezing the baby's head. hopefully quinn didn't hear my snort and chuckle; he's in my class right now.

Anna Alexis said...

tears in my eyes. i am laughing so hard. Jana you are too much.

The baby mannequins are just absurd. I mean completely awesome, but absurd.

Kate said...

ok, your comment was funny enough Megan, but now I think that little doll that has had to 'work' might have had it better off than your doll that had it's head squeezed!
thanks for the updates and the laughter!:)