Home from Honduras

We made it home!! What a wonderful 2 weeks! Here are some shots from our last days in La Ceiba:

Jeanette, the Canadien woman who owns the hotel we stayed at, is a character! She kept us entertained with stories the whole time. This is her pet monkey, Shawnee. I always wanted a pet monkey, but now I am not so sure :) She could get kind of crazy. And then there was the biting...

Neil in front of the plumbing he spent the week putting in at Ninos de la Luz.

Phil putting together some bookshelves.

Precious foot prints.

Phil and Tracy with Jesús, the child that they support at Ninos.

This is Neil when he thinks the bus is about to roll over him while he is cranking the busted tire back under the bus.

This is him when he realizes how dirty his hands are.

So, fun had by all. We got home last night and hit the ground running. Keith Keller, the director of Epedition237 (the group we are going to Belgium with AND our old youth pastor) is in town with his family and had a shindig at my parent's house. It was so good to see the Kellers and all of the people that came from TBC.

Something else fun is that while we were gone, my parents had new carpet and linoleum put in the rent house!!! It is so amazing. We are so happy to be living so close to our families. In fact, as I write this I am sitting in my parent's kitchen, a place we have started calling "The Café," because we come here for internet and food daily :) Life is good.

Love you all! Megan


Last night at Destino

It has been days of storms and clouds here, so the internet is just now showing its face. No matter, we have been busy!! Let me fill you in. We leave Destino tomorrow morning to head to La Ceiba where we are meeting Clay's family who are on a TBC trip there. We have never been, but have heard their stories for years, so are very excited to see all that the team will be involved in there. Here are some pics of our last few days:

We have had the pleasure of being at church 3 times since being here, and Carlos really brings the word! Clay and I love hearing him teach, and we are only hearing what our minds can translate into English, so imagine what the Hondurans are hearing. He is something else. 
Oh, and we FINALLY made it to the real rio!! We were so excited and spent some good time with the Lord there. What a nice relaxed day that was!

The ascent back up to Destino was long and hard. Clay thought my face was hilarious. I was just thankful to have made it.
Some sweet family shots. At night the kids like to watch old videos of themselves, and they all gather on the floor in front of the TV. 

This is Emily and Anna (l-r). They are about the same age and the best of friends. So precious to watch. Definitely sisters of the heart.
We have got to get these kids some equipment. They are entranced by it.
Precious Josie.
Bedtime! Blanca and Cokie.
Eidy, who incidentally lost a tooth that night. Pretty cute.
Cesar and Sammy.

Clay took this today. This is the clearest the sky has been since we arrived- how absolutely beautiful.
This photo is just to illustrate something neat that came to my attention today. Clay filmed Rhonda telling the Destino story today and I was reminded about some amazing things that God has done, one of which was the story of how they got water. This piece of land, which at one time was described by water drilling companies as the driest around, now has such a deep, abundant well, that it is able to provide pure water for everyone- Destino, the school families, and the church family. Wow. Tonight was church, and I started to cry watching all of the people come with their water jugs to fill. What a picture. I am so thankful to God for allowing us to see the beauty and power of his true pure, living water through the provision of earthly water for these precious poor ones. 

We will more than likely not have internet in La Ceiba, so this may be our last post from Honduras. We return Monday to Houston. Love to you all! Megan


The creepiest bug ever

Hello! We are rounding out day 5 here in Honduras, and a time we have had! Yesterday we spent some time checking out the land that Destino is hoping to buy soon. We heard there was a river and a waterfall, so naturally we were intrigued. We made some sandwiches and headed out... if only we had stopped to ask for some directions... surely a Honduran river during peak rainy season can't be too hard to find, right?

Here is where we began our journey. A nice cloudy morning and smiles.

We found this creek pretty soon. Surely this is not the river?? We heard that this is where people get baptized so surely this is not it. We decided to follow it downstream to see if a larger, more...um...beautiful river would appear.
We found nothing but HUGE drop-off cliffs, and occasionally the sound of gushing water. Oh, how that river mocked us.
We were actually tromping (yes, tromping) through this mass of cliffs, trees, pine needles, and thorny things. I was beginning to think that this trip to see the river was NOT worth it. We eventually circled back to the original creek that we started at so we could get a new perspective and begin again. Then, we see THESE:
These creepy little shrimp creatures that float through the air like feathers, and then light on trees. I am talking creepy. It was so funny ( I am laughing as I type this), Clay and I saw this first one and were so transfixed by it, throwing sticks at it to make it fly, etc...you know the drill. Then we expanded our vision and realized we were standing in a whole NEST of them. They were everywhere- on trees, in clumps, nasty, sick, shiver, NO! We were so freaked out. Someone please tell me what these are. And don't tell me we imagined them. There is photographical proof.

After this, we decided the river would have to wait. We trekked back to our little puddle of a river and commenced our picnic: PB&J and beans in a bag. Yes, beans in a bag. Much like how we have chicken or tuna in a handy pouch, Hondurans have refried beans in a little foil bag. It may seem strange, but they are actually pretty good. 
We were so happy. It was a fun day, though not victorious. It is so nice to just be somewhere and have absolutely no schedule. 
We returned to the house to find the children outside playing- we cannot resist them. Check out Jackie blowing bubbles. So precious!! 
Jonathan with his dimples. 
"Time-Out" even in Honduras. Super Nanny would be wiping away a tear :)

So, that was yesterday. Today we went with the group from West Acres to their medical brigade, because Clay needed some footage (plus we were just curious). Pretty cool to watch. Doctors are amazing. We caught a ride home early with Carlos and enjoyed talking with him. He is the pastor of the church here and also kind of like the co-director with Rhonda. He has the most amazing story and shared it with us as he drove. He is incredible. Thank you God for Carlos!

Well, time for dinner. Guess what we are having.... you never will: Chinese take-out :D Apparently, this one restaurant here rivals Chinese anywhere. This seems like exaggerated praise.... we will let you know. It seems silly to try to compete with Dragon Inn.

Love you all!


El otro y la otra

It is funny how used to groups these kids are. I remember in the DR the village kids would run out as soon as out bus pulled in to "claim" a gringo. 

Though a bit different here, some of the kids still show some possessiveness. One of the little girls griped at her sister when she started to hold my hand "No, ve al otro." "El otro" meaning Clay. Ha. I had to tell her that our names are not Otro y Otra, but Clay and Megan, AND it was ok if her sister held my hand too :) It made me laugh. 

The youngest child at Destino is Josie. She is 11 months old and just began walking. When the kids recite their Bible chapters (yes, CHAPTERS! They know like 17 chapters from the Bible and are learning more) or sing, Josie is always clapping and smiling. I love watching her- she seems to know that she is clapping for Jesus. 

This is the house we are staying in, one of two completed ones on the property. Pastor Carlos and his family live on the bottom level and we share the upper part with some of the older Destino boys (Erik and Eduard) and 2 summer interns. The window on the far left is the one to our room. 

Clay and I have been spending a lot of our time studying the Bible, reading, planning, praying, and just spending time together, but it is so fun to look out our window, see those sweet babies outside playing and screeching, and just run out there and swoop one up. They are so cuddly and love to be held. This is Carlito and Cokie.

Jackie and Sammy.

Dinner time!! Imagine 14 kids eating at the same time. It is something to see :) And Rhonda and her ladies do a great job! It made us laugh a lot just to observe it all. After dinner is bath time, and it is so fun to watch as kid after kid emerges from the bathroom smelling sweet and in their footsie pajamas. Does life get any better?

Tonight they had church and Clay and I were especially touched by this man pictured behind Clay. He was quiet and obviously reverent towards God's word. Something about him almost made us both start crying. He was dressed in what was more than likely his best clothes, and though is appeared that he couldn't read, he stood and clapped all through the singing, and listened intensely as Carlos spoke from the Bible. Jesus loved the poor. And I think in some ways, the poor has an advantage over a lot of us in that they are so dependent on the Lord for EVERYTHING. They don't have all the physical stuff to hold onto that we do, the stuff that we let keep us from HIM. Before the service was over, this man walked to the front to give his offering, and I was reminded of how precious the widow's small gift was to Jesus. I am so thankful to have been a part of this evening with these people. 


In Honduras!!

Yesterday we arrived in Honduras for our 2-week stay at Rhonda's. We are so excited for this time to relax, recharge, prepare for the future.... and play with loads of cute kids! :)

Rhonda Jackson used to attend our church in Tomball and began Destino del Reino outside of Siguatepeque, Honduras. It is a children's home/school/church/anything else you can think of.

When we got to the airport yesterday, we had to wait for several hours for the bus. Not a problem, for we found something we been dreaming about since our last visit here: Del Frutal- the best pineapple drink you have ever experienced.

We joined up with a team visiting from West Acres Baptist in Georgia, and hopped on the Destino bus for the 2 hour trip to Siguatepeque. The folks in the group are great and we are looking forward spending time with them while they are here this week.

Here is Clay with Jacky, the most recent addition to the children's home.

We are SO glad to be able to spend this time with sweet Rhonda. We had a great talk with her over coffee this morning.

The kids have seen so many cameras in their lives Clay thought is was time to teach THEM how to shoot video.

This is Anna. She was abandoned in a field at birth and brought to Destino right after. God has some great things in store for this precious little one.

It doesn't take Clay long to make friends :)

We weren't expecting to have internet, so we are so happy to be able to update you all as we are here! Be checking back!

Enjoy your summer weeks and be seeking the Lord!

Love, Megan