We found an Apple Store and hopped off our London bus tour to check it out. Surprise surprise, right? :) We had a great dinner and a good night's sleep and are ready to discover London! It has been great so far. Lots of laughter because we are such lame tourists. We are on this bus tour that lets you get on a off as you please all day. The problem with that is that I forget to take off my headphones. So picture me, walking on the posh streets of London, trying to look posh myself, with a headphone cord swinging and hitting my leg with every step. Rats!

One cool thing we discovered is that the years ago the Rohrer's took one of our kittens, and that cat is HERE with them. Imagine my happiness upon arrival when seeing a Pasche kitty waiting for me :) God is sweet to me.

We are having a blast! I am not sure when pictures will make it, but rest assured they are being taken. I will have them up when I am able. Love to you! Thank you for the prayers.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are well, you are in our prayers. Carlos and Eileen

Unknown said...

Oh how we love you and wish we were with you guys now. Enjoy every bit of it! Somehow, I know you will. Love to you both and thanks to Carol and Larry! Mom S.

Anna Alexis said...

Hahaha! I love picturing your nerdy self walking down the street with tourist headphones. Can't wait for the pictures so I can see you there for real! It seems so strange that you are gone... I love you