Lots and lots.

This is me trying to take a picture of myself jumping from hay bale to hay bale. I am giggling typing this. Imagine trying to jump up on a hay bale and then prance around for a picture all in the time it takes a camera timer to go off. It didn't exactly go as planned. But it made me laugh harder than I have in a long time. Lame, Megan, LAME! P.S. Do you know how hard it is to jump up on a hay bale? They are like 10 ft. tall!! Also, this picture would be so much cuter if it was a little child and not a grown woman. Why do I do these things? (Hatch, for some reason, I think you will like this story)

Whew. This moving and leaving stuff is hard business. The house is getting packed up little by little. Thankfully Mom took off work today and a half day tomorrow to help get me rolling. Such a good mama. The hardest thing with packing is to START. Oh, and then to finish. See, I find myself starting little projects all over the house and not finishing any of them. Lots of half-packed boxes. Lots of Valentines candy wrappers, too :) This afternoon found me sitting on the bedroom floor making little felt jewelry pouches. I needed some crafting to calm me. Sigh. Give me some embroidery floss and I am a happy girl. And it was kind of permissible crafting, too, as I needed some soft packing for my jewelry. It was just what I needed to relax. Felt is one of my best friends :)

I find as the leave date approaches I am turning into a bit of a recluse. Sometimes I feel like I lack the emotional energy to even make eye contact- kind of a survival mode, I guess. I am this swirl of excitement, sadness, nostalgia, and nerves. Sometimes avoiding people just to avoid the goodbyes. I feel like a water bucket that is down to its last drop (and I am seriously looking forward to London as a time to fill back up again before heading to Belgium).

Yikes, that all seems kind of morose, doesn't it? Perhaps. But it's where I am. I'm not alone, though. I know He was sitting right there on the floor with me today. I may be a dry water bucket, but sometimes it feels like he is ringing out a big sponge of the purest, cleanest water over my head. How refreshing to know that I don't have to "be" because he already IS.


Jamie said...

I DO love that story!!!! Super impressed that you did all that in like 10 seconds, too. And no, it could not possibly be any cuter, even if you were a small child!

And I can't believe you mentioned me on your blog -- I'm honored :)

Unknown said...

Megan and Clay -- What fun we had on our "pork-out" day! Megan, your family was a joy and Catherine,the Meadows and Neil and the band-- it was a real party. I know I had a good time when I didn't even realize that the kitchen floor was sticky until everyone had left! (Mom's will get this!) As a hostess, I usually stress out about little incidental things being "perfect" but that day WAS perfect! I was happy, relaxed, and overwhelmed by all the "love"and how my house looks so good with sticky floors and lots of people I love. We will miss both of you beyond words but I feel inadequate to express the pride and joy to KNOW the "our children are walking in the truth!" 3 John 4 (I think?) I am praying that it will be an amazing journey for you both in so many ways--and Keith--if you are reading this --this is all your fault!! ---And I love you for it!! Seriously--thanks for planting the seed in Clay and Megan to serve overseas for HIS honor and glory! You ROCK as a youth pastor and God is obviously using you in a major way now! Clay and Megan -- I love you both so much. Mom (Sandoz)