Best night in a long time

Sigh. The night could not be better. Clay, Quinn, Dad and I are watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade after a meal of Wendy's, and a swim in the pool. I am so happy :) I will remember this night long into the future when I want to be home so bad it hurts. 

Jamie Lamb and Sheryl Thornton came into town this weekend which was like a breath of Austin air. We laughed, cried, talk about Jesus, played with Catdog (my parent's cat), ate sushi, watched Ghostbusters, and ate more candy than anyone ever should. I needed them and it was so good to see them.

Alright, back to Indie. Elsa the Nazi is leading him on right now, but he won't be in the dark for long.... snakes, why did it have to be snakes? :)


A few last Louisiana Pictures and a Tomball Garage Sale

We had so much fun with the Lafayette bunch! Here is Jacob sporting desserts in each hand :)

Ice cream at Borden's. Check out these two. I love it.

On the U of L campus- a gator siting!

They were trying to see what was in that hole.

A nutria rat- apparently a common site in LA.

At the Tabasco plant.

When we snuck back to see the fields. I was so nervous.

Our garage sale was last weekend! Caroline came to town and helped on Saturday. At the end of the last day, we marked everything to 25 cents. Caroline and Rob stood at the road to bring in customers.

You can see behind Rob and Quinn the remains of our sale. Whew. It looks like a lot, but believe me, there was so much more.

All is well in T-ball. Hope all is well with you. Love, Megan


They're Right

I think they say you should go to the dentist every 6 months. Whoever “they” are, they’re right. I (Clay) had 6, yes 6, cavities to be filled yesterday. It had been about 2 years since my last visit and I paid for it. I thought I took great care of my teeth!

Props to Doctor Gosnell, though. That’s the most cavities I’ve ever had and by far the least pain. I didn’t feel a thing (and watched a movie while he worked, which was a bonus). I had one stubborn tooth, though, that took a few extra shots to be completely numb. Here was the result:


Family History

Hey everybody, Clay writing here. We had a great time in New Iberia and took our time making the way to Lafayette, where my mom's family is from. Lots of great sights along the way. Check out the video below.

We're in Lafayette now. We went to church with my cousin Kerrie where she and her family have been going for the last few years, ate some lunch with all the family, then did a little driving around Lafayette to see some more history - my mom's old house, some rent houses where my mom and dad lived throughout college, the college campus where they went (including the swamp with alligators - seriously), the cool church where they got married, Borden's (cool little ice cream shop and home of a great milk shake), Gerard Park where we fed the ducks and nutria, then rounded out the day with a great dinner at Alesi Pizza with Nanny, Uncle Mel, Aunt Cella, Greg and Angie. It was a really fun day getting to see a little more history and spending time with family.

Tomorrow before we head back to Tomball we're going to take a tour of the Tabasco plant. Should be cool. Hopefully we'll have some pictures of that up soon. So long from LA.


BBQ and Couche Couche

Greetings from Louisiana! We are here visiting Clay's family. We arrived in New Iberia Friday to Ed and Geri's house. Ed is Phil's brother, and it has been confirmed that grilling runs in the Sandoz family. The grill you see in the picture was Papaw Sandoz's. How neat that it is still feeding his family.

Breakfast was another culinary adventure. Couche couche and boudain. Couche couche is basically fried corn meal, and I have been hearing for years that Ed is the master of cooking it. You drizzle syrup and milk. I thought it tasted good, but the best part was sharing in the Sandoz tradition I had heard about for so long. The boudain was ... interesting. It may take some time before I can squirt meat into my mouth out of sausage casing- but I am up for trying :)
After breakfast I took a little nap with Tupie.
The gang: Ed, Geri, Tracy, and Phil
Neil in Ed's Smith and Weston's

More on our trip to Lafayette to come!


A perfect weekend

We had so much fun!! Here are some pictures of the weekend.

Reagan had just lost her front teeth!!

Cason and "Cay"

Gearing up for Wii Fit

Logan and the balancing bubble game. She rocks!

Little girls..... remember these days? When a koozie becomes a cast and the legs from a doll highchair are transformed into crutches? How I miss thee, blessed childhood.

And how I love thee, Logan!

Giggles with Clay.

We love you, Meadows!!

At the Meadows!

I am watching Clay play the Wii hula hoop game in the Meadow's living room. Let it be know that this is one of our favorite places to be. Sigh. For those of you that don't know, I lived with Bethany and Daniel Meadows and their 3 kids my last year at A&M. Clay was over here most of the time too, so whenever we come back to College Station, it feels just right to be back with their family.

PS Clay is obsessed with the Wii (he is now playing the tight-rope walking game)
PPS Pictures of the weekend to come.