Matt and Zach

Matt and Zach swung through town this week on their way back from Uganda.

We don't spend a lot of time in the old town center, so it was fun to head out, show them around, and enjoy downtown summer Prague.

This is Clay's favorite, The Bridge Band. They camp out at this one spot on Charles Bridge and we always stop. Lots of banjo-ing and washboard-tapping.

It's flat out gorgeous in the summer.

The guys wanted to check out the TV Tower close to our house.

Aren't all those babies crawling over it the strangest thing?

It's just so quirky and bizarre. Random and very "Prague." I love it :)

The view from inside:

Here's our neighborhood.

And the park we head to a lot.

Later that night we went to that very park, and the guys tossed the frisbee around.

It was one of those moments that you tuck away in your memory because you know you'll look back and treasure how special that moment truly was. Clay, the Keller guys, and Zach. Running around and shrieking after a flying frisbee, while Czechs lounged around grilling sausage and practiced tight rope walking in the background.

Little boys having the time of their lives, being played with like big boys. Big boys acting like little boys. Everyone not thinking about cultural stress or the challenges of starting over in a new place.

The city spires in the fading summer light.

It was magic.


Marble Works: Prague Edition

The kids came over last weekend for some fun with Clay and Meg while their parents had date nights. I have been stocking up on fun toys and activities for them to play with when they come over, and on this particular night it was time for Marble Works. It made me happy to find this set at a moving sale and imagine how much fun the kids would have :) We loved these when we were little!

Definitely fun... but Clay had an even better idea.

We pulled out our special surprise and you should have seen their faces.

1 wacky 2-story attic apartment + 1 huge pile of random pipes and tubing from the hardware store = some wild Marble Works creations.

And I am still finding marbles days later :)


What's going on.

Busy busy days! 

I have had fun getting to know Carrie. We have a lot of things in common, one of them being delight in digging through old junk :)

She's taken me a few places that are just the best.

  Carrie and I (She is being so good and focusing on the road).
Clay and I almost got mobbed the other day by an Avon walk. There must have been 1000s of ladies wearing the same pink shirt. I am pretty sure it was for Breast Cancer awareness. It shut the city down for a little while, and they made us get off our tram and walk the rest of the way up the hill.
We hosted a "ho-down" birthday party for our Czech friend, Keri. There was a lot of boot-scootin' and Texas decorations. It was a lot of fun.
And then it rained a lot. For what felt like several weeks. The good thing was the temperatures were glorious- so cool and wonderful. The bad thing was breaking out the winter jackets again :)
The Ellsworths came through to see us on their way from Austin to Africa! We love this family. They encourage us every time we see them :) There are several more Austin peeps heading our way in the coming weeks.
The other night watching Clay play with the kids I was struck by how incredible the city is. How beautiful.
 And we get to live here!
We finished planting on the patio. It's so fun to watch the plants grow and check on them each morning :) We have jalapenos, banana peppers, cilantro, lavender, verbena, and one lone bluebonnet :)

Now we even have a little table to sit at!

Just a few days ago we added another team name to our tally. We are on our way to completing a team set!