Little note

We are about to head out for another fun day with tour guide Carol at the helm, but I wanted to pop in for a bit. Yesterday was such a blast! Clay and I went back into London, saw the sites that we wanted to see (Trafalgar Square is something else), and then saw Wicked, which was incredible. We then navigated the train system all by ourselves which made me feel very big :) It also made me feel very American in my desire for SPACE. The trains get packed! I spent the ride listening to the girl's ipod next to me... through the headphones on her head :)

A random note- we tried mussels for the first time! And they were so good.

Enjoy your day, All!

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Unknown said...

Hey guys - isn't Trafalgar Square so cool? Is it still full of performing artists? We're so glad you are having so good time to see the sites. Can't wait to hear how you liked Wicked. We'll be praying for a good start Monday.