Whispering City

Like pretty much everyone I know, my life is busy and full to brimming. I also seem to be in somewhat of a perpetual state of self-thought due to the GAPS diet and the amount of work and planning it requires. These aren't bad things in themselves. I love this full life, and I am thankful for a diet that I hope will bring great healing. But I know that I often do begin the slow slide into the paralysis of self-absorption. And it numbs me to being attentive to my God.

Clay and I are reading a book right now with a group from our organization (Sacred Companions, The Gift of Spiritual Friendship and Direction by David Benner).

I read this last week:

"Self-absorption is the great enemy of attunement to God."

He goes on to say that that's why things like music, walks in the woods, or whatever are such great tools because they break the spell of self-absorption and facilitate attentiveness to God.

This is beautiful. And true for me.

This morning, I stepped out to buy some milk and yogurt before the little shop below us closes for the long Easter weekend.

It was silent.

The streets where calm, the air was cool. There were no trams or cars flying by with bells ringing and horns blowing.

The city was peaceful, which is a rare thing.

It stopped me in my tracks.

How beautiful. How precious. God uses this city over and over again to pull me from the mire of my self-absorption, and draw my attention to him and the work he is doing in my life and all around me.

Some go to the woods to encounter God. For some it's the sea. Or museums gazing at beautiful works of art.

For me, in this season, I am thankful for this big, pulsing, sometimes loud, sometimes whispering city.

It rescues me from myself and focuses my spirit on Him.