We're in our apartment.

We just spent our first night in our new apartment!!!! It is so incredible to sit here with the window open, cool breeze blowing in. Through the courtyard-facing windows I hear the sound of neighbors tinkering around on their balconies- readying them for spring no doubt, and the street-side windows bring the hustle bustle street noise from the ground 7 stories down. It is so good to be home!!!
Last night we made an epic trip to Ikea. We were there 4 hours and had just made it to the warehouse when we hear "The store will be closing in 30 minutes." 

Is there a greater fear at Ikea? That the registers will close, the lights will go out, and someone in an apron will inform you that the fruits of hours of labor will be restocked to their shelves for you to return for again tomorrow?

I really didn't think it could be done, but we managed to check out and arrange for delivery before they turned us out. 

We were the last customers to leave the store. 

Here we are on the metro platform heading back into town. 

The trip to Ikea was not without its costs- unbeknownst to us (but knowst to our storage facility) the storage building locks down after 10pm. So there was no air mattress to bring home for our first night.

We slept on a pile of our clothes. No lie.

It was hilarious and uncomfortable and hideous. We woke up a lot, and at one point, probably around 4am, one of us started laughing and we just couldn't stop. Last night was one of the funniest experiences we've shared together. I am laughing now just typing this.

This morning we toasted the sunshine of a new morning and are so happy to be where we are.

And are planning a daytime trip to our storage unit to bring home our air mattress!

Here's a peak at our apartment.

It's the attic level of our building so has these sweet beams.

 Clay's office/guest room. 

Today shall be filled with laundry. I am so thankful to have a washer!! And the beams are pretty good drying racks for now :)
  And begin washing dishes and stocking our cabinets. Can't wait to start on these fun junk-shop finds :)
I'm looking forward to this day.


We just completed week 4 of our 6 week language course. We love our class and wish it could go on longer! We have a great teacher and our classmates are just so fun- sometimes we have lunch together after class and we're all playing badminton next week :) We are so thankful for these new friends.

One thing occupying our minds right now is moving into our apartment in 2 weeks! We are making all the moving arrangements, planning trips to Ikea, and scouring Prague classifieds websites for good deals to furnish our new place. It's too fun. I LOVE house hunting and moving and settling in. It is one of my favorite parts of our life over the last few years. We are picking up a small freezer and a second-hand kitchen island this afternoon! Yay! My diet requires a lot of cooking-from-scratch and the two things we're picking up today will make that so much easier!

The rest of our team arrives in 2 1/2 weeks!!! So excited! Can't wait to see those familiar faces.

We did get to see one familiar face last week. It was fun to see you Justin!

Happy weekend everyone!