Happy Birthday Clay!

He's 25 today! Last night Phil and Tracy took us to Taste of Texas- so good!! Texas steak will be missed in Europe, I am sure. And the dessert! It was one of the few times where I was happy there was a birthday at my table. No embarrassing song, just a really good Snickers cake. Today, we are having a "pork out": ribs, chops, and sausage a la Phil Sandoz. So, yes, basically, we are eating as much good meat as possible before we leave :) All the family will be here, even Rob, and Clint and Mel, so I am really looking forward to being with everybody.

Yesterday, we got a visit from the Seabourns! We got to know their family at CIT (training) last fall in North Carolina, and it was so good to see them again!

There is just something about being with other people that are in the same boat we are. We had a great talk, and the kids were absolutely precious! It was somewhat easier to say goodbye to them at the end of their visit knowing that the next time we see them will more than likely be across the world- how exciting!

In other news, we got to go to Q's track meet on Thursday. Oh, my little long jumper... so great. One of the things I am most thankful for during this time of waiting has been spending so much time with my Quinn. He is truly a delight- isn't it wonderful when "kids" turn into "real people"? That may sound insulting :) What I mean is that Q has his own sense of humor now. And he has quirks and new expressions that are glimpses of "him." I love it. Hope he's not reading this. He will be embarrassed :) When he was a baby, I used to walk him up and down the porch when Mom was cooking dinner. He always got fussy around that time. And I would sing song-upon-song to my little red-headed brother. What a joy to know and love him all this time.

I have been nostalgic of late :) Bear with me. Happy birthday, Clay! I look forward to traveling the world with you.

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