Happy Thanksgiving

I realize it’ been a LONG time since we’ve written. There hasn’t been a lot to report recently. We sent out a few letters here in Austin and have had a great response. When we got our first response card returned, it hit me that there is NO WAY we could do what we’re going to do without the support of our friends and family. It’s really cool that it’s a collaborative, group effort like this. We have no option but to be dependent upon the Lord and others.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share something I read recently. The paragraph below is from City of God by Augustine. Of everything we have to be thankful for, a list that could go on and on and on, this takes the cake:

“We can never sufficiently thank Him for the gifts of nature: that we exist and are alive, that we can enjoy the sight of earth and sky, that we have a reasoning mind by which we can seek Him who has made all these things. Yet, for the greater gifts of grace there are not hearts enough or tongues enough in all the world even to try to thank Him. For, when we were burdened and broken by our sins, and our minds were turned from His light and blinded by the love of the darkness of iniquity, He did not leave us to ourselves, but sent to us His Word, who is His only Son, so that, by His birth and passion in the flesh He assumed for our salvation, we might learn how highly God esteemed our human nature, and that we might be cleansed from all our sins by His unique Sacrifice and, by His Spirit, have Love poured into our hearts, so that, with all our warring over, we might come to everlasting rest in the supreme blessedness of gazing on His face.”


Have a thankful day.