Last weekend at CIT

The apartment is clean, the car is packed. Sigh. It is leaving time again. It seems we are always leaving somewhere. A long day in the car awaits us tomorrow. Followed by another long day. And then Breckenridge and family! This weekend has been sweet. Good friends making the best of sad times. On Saturday we went to Bubba's Fun Park and lasertagged. I am so horrible at it. What makes it worse is that I really do try to be awesome at it. So far God has not seen fit to bless me with laser skills. Maybe someday...

On Sunday we all went to Asheville for one last time. Dinner at the Noodle Shop and then decadence at The French Broad Chocolate Lounge. I have always wanted to try sipping chocolate- doesn't it just sound like what rich people would drink? Clay and I both tried the cayenne and cinnamon kind. Wow. So good. We enjoyed just sitting around with the group and talking.

We will miss these people and their precious kids!!

So, signing off from North Carolina. It's been grand. Thank you God for providing such amazing training- so few people get this quality of training. It was so incredible that I wish all of you could have gone through it with us! Love to you this Thanksgiving week! Megan

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Unknown said...

awh I can remember what that feels like, it is so bitter sweet, but be thankful those people can truly be your backbone when you come serving over here. Do good to keep in touch with them before you leave for the field! See you soon!