I know what you are thinking...

Megan, you are SUCH the little camper! It really is funny how much time we have been spending in the woods on trails lately. Last Thursday night, we were at it again! We had a half day to end our Team class, and we decided to go camping. Like for real-zees. In a tent and everything. I agreed to try one night. You can do anything for one night, right? And it helps if the scenery is gorgeous. Yes. This was the view from our campsite:

So truly gorgeous. Here is Clay and his hatchett, which he used to chop fire wood. He was absolutely giddy the man was so happy.

Watching the sun set from a nearby cliff. It was just so peaceful and quiet. I really needed that.

Me making Clay laugh, my most accomplished skill.

Ok, so the best part of the night, and the main carrot Clay dangled in front of me to get me to come, was watching MacGyver on the side of a mountain!!! Clay and I have been going through the seasons of the show for the last couple of years, and this was the perfect time to watch an episode. You can't really tell from the picture, but we were sitting on the cliff overlooking the scene in the first picture (at the top). So we were nice and high, could see the stars and some city lights. We had a fire, a la Clay the woodsman, and we had MacGyver. The mere memory is enough to make me smile. I was so happy.

The night turned cold quickly, and we were looking forward to our sleeping bags, guaranteed for weather down to -5 degrees. By midnight we were both awake and SO cold! Clay had suggested taking off my socks so the sleeping bag could make the best use of my body heat. Let me tell you, I must have looked like a runaway worm wriggling all over the tent trying to get my socks back on without unzipping my sleeping bag.

Morning came, and with it a sunrise to remember off of our personal balcony, of course not done justice here:

It was a beautiful, peaceful morning.

Breakfast for 2 :)

On the hike out, we were talking about what we wanted to eat when we got out (this makes me laugh now, as we were in the woods less that 24 hours. It wasn't like we were deprived or something...), and we both came up with chicken fried steak. And mashed potatoes. And Dr. Pepper. You will not believe it but we found that very thing in Famous Louise's Restaurant. Complete with strawberry rhubarb pie for dessert. It almost made me want to head up the mountain for another night... almost :)


Anonymous said...

What a trouper you are, dear daughter. Must have gotten that from the Pasche side :) love, mama

the bakks said...

I'm impressed!! And totally loving the MacGyver on the cliff. And boy does that oatmeal sure look good...hahaha

Kerrie said...

Hilarious! The idea of the two of you sitting in the middle of who knows where, watching McGyver cracks me up. That is SO how I would camp. Too funny!

JD Russell said...

Hey, I just saw the Destino del Reino promo video you guys made. It is a stupendous, wonderful, magnificent, amazing, incredible, and phenomenal piece of work (I still don't think many adjectives clearly states how great your video is).

I Hope all is well with both of you as you prepare for your 2 year mission trip. Keep serving God in powerful way, shining for Him in the darkest places. And continue to show the churches back home of how Christ is evident, real, and life changing all around the world.