Last Friday night the Sandozes made gumbo for the entire CIT group! So many people had never even heard of gumbo so it was fun to be the ones to expose them to the cajun way.

They started cooking it the night before in their jumbo gumbo pot. People kept walking by their camper just to look at it- it really is the biggest pot you have ever seen :)

Phil stayed the front of the line to help serve and give tips- how much rice? do you want your potato salad in the gumbo or on the side? (such decisions!).

Here is the Mackey family. Bob is our advisor and leader of our Heart of the Missionary group. We have enjoyed getting to know their family. They were in Moscow for about 10 years and have great insight and lots of stories!

The evening ended with a surprise cake in the Student Center. I love these people. I think we shall be friends for a long long time :)

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I hear you will be in Belgium soon! Get in touch - texcroh@aol.com, UK # 44-1795 841357, can be reached at 281-352-4903 any time/anywhere.

Carol Rohrer :)