We're done!

We finished official class here at CIT on Thursday afternoon! We UWMers have stayed on for some final discussions specific to our organization, but finish up tomorrow around lunch time. I can't believe it's all over! These last several months have flown by. Here we are about to start saying goodbyes on Thursday:

We each received certificates stating our accomplishments at CIT. A very formal procedure as you can see :)

Our plans, you ask? Well, after we finish up tomorrow we will be packing and cleaning machines! We will leave for Texas as soon as everything is done- either Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. Keith will be here tonight and tomorrow so we look forward to seeing him, possibly for the last time on this side of the ocean for awhile.

Thanksgiving is in Breckenridge, Tx with my (Megan's) family so we will head straight there. We are looking forward to relaxing with the fam. Boy could we use some relaxing!

A happy Thanksgiving to you all! I hope your weeks are full of thankfulness!
Love, Megan

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