Hiking with the Sandozes

I have been meaning to update these last photos from the Sandozes' visit. Maybe you remember this photo from an earlier post?

We headed back to this same location, and wouldn't you know, behind those clouds was an incredible view!!

It really was gorgeous!

The wind got pretty intense, I think Tracy almost flew away :)

We have so enjoyed these months in beautiful North Carolina. The colors of fall here are amazing.

This is one of my favorites because you can tell how happy they all are. We truly had a great trip.

Can I just say that half day Thursdays followed by a three day weekend is God's gift to CIT students. Whew. We are having a great weekend, so relaxing. We went camping on Thursday night and had a blast. Pictures to come!!

Love, Megan


Jenny said...

Sooooo beautiful! Jen

Unknown said...

I wanna go back!!!! We had so much fun that week. Thanks for letting us be a part of it.

Tracy and Phil