Sigh. A sad day.

Our special friends Rich and Michelle went back to Cali today :( It feels so strange to come back to CIT and not be their neighbors. We will miss them!!!

The day itself was wonderful, however. We took off for Charlotte, and en route to the airport, we stopped at Price's Chicken Coop which has been rated the nation's #3 top fried chicken place. This was too tempting to pass up. Michelle and Rich have been talking about this since we met them so it was fun to actually go.

Here you see a dream being realized:

Michelle cannot contain her excitement upon ordering.

Ready to roll!

My fried chicken meal for 2008.

Clay will miss hanging out with Rich. It makes it better knowing that we will see them next year when they get to France!

We really will miss you two.

And how does a girl cope when her friends leave?

Happy Saturday to you. And thank you Jesus for good friends!
Love, Megan

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Michelle Baker said...

haha..that last picture is hilarious. You guys make us so happy. We miss seeing you every morning. rich is already trying to make reservations for that restaurant every day. We looove you guys!