Final stretch.

We had on last spaghetti lunch at Edgar and Liliane's. And one last game of Rummikub. Edgar and Liliane and Guy and Betty are some of our favorite people here. Just cute. And so fun.

And they also have the sweetest little pets. Here is Cacahuete (Peanut) in his high chair. I love this.

They pulled out an old drawing of Huy and we found our apartment!

Saying goodbyes it hard, but the time spent together with friends while saying those goodbyes has such a special sweetness to it.

Last night Blanca and Michael had us over. Nothing like a bread, wine, and cheese dinner. Yum.

We laughed and talked, and got so excited talking about LOST that we even watched a few episodes. It was awesome. Such fun, funny friends. We'll miss them a lot.

And I'm sure they'll miss us, ha :)

We tried to get Sofia to take our picture, but it didn't really work out :)

When we first arrived Sofia was only a year old.

Back to the packing grind today! Clay is walking our city trash can to the trash office right now... seems unreal. If anyone ever doubts that we were actually ever here, there is now a trash can floating around with a big Austin sticker on it that Jamie Hatcher sent us 2 years ago :)

Lot's to do in less than one week! Here we go!

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