Getting to know you.

The first handshake with Prague was a good, solid one.

Living in a land that serves American breakfasts.... yes, I think that could work.

We realized at breakfast that we hadn't prepared at all for this trip. I had done a little reading about the city, but as far as what we wanted to do yesterday? We had no idea.

So we spread out our map and asked our waitress to point out where the heck we were.

We walked towards the Old Town Square.

The only thing we knew about the Square was that there was a Starbucks there and some kind of big, old, famous clock.

(I know, don't you just want to visit us and have me tell you all about this wonderful city? I promise I'll get better at it before you do :)

There's the clock! This is when we knew we had in fact made it to the Square.

I like this building.

Kind of like the Grand Place seating in Huy or Brussels.

It was also good to see some familiar brands in this health food store we passed. The packaging's the same, the language is most definitely NOT. Oh dear... language is going to be a challenge.

A big shopping street.

After more walking around, and maybe a nap, we ate some Thai food for dinner and then walked to Charles Bridge.

That's it on the left with Prague Castle on the right.

We only made it halfway across the bridge when we decided that that was enough exploring for one day. Gotta start slow, you know?

So first impressions? Prague is BIG. There are fun, ornate old parts of the city (which is what we saw today), as well as just normal modern city stuff- not all of it beautiful, but definitely bustling. It's a little overwhelming after living in such a small quiet town for the last 2 years. And the language is pretty daunting.

Oh and everyone has on black wool coats. And there are lots of little dogs in sweaters. I need one of each, I've decided.

Today we are going to venture a little further in our explorations.


Jenny said...

Loving all of your posts- you are doing so well at documenting this new transition! I did cry at your goodbye posts though, and I don't know any of those people! I could just hear your heart though. Sigh, goodbyes are just heartbreaking. But you have lots of hellos to come! Looking forward to hearing about them:) jen

Kerrie said...

A place that serves big "American breakfasts," has a Starbucks, and they run you down to give you bottles of wine on your birthday? Sounds pretty great to me. I can't wait to see what wonderful adventures God has in store for the two of you now! Love you both so much!