Yesterday began in a quite a ceremonious fashion.

Just as our teammate Kevin's bean sprouted last April when he left Belgium, this week was our own beans' turn.

And not only have they sprouted, it was time to plant them in Prague soil.

It was kind of an emotional moment. Grow strong, little beans!

We then caught the metro in search of a really big park we found on a map.

It turned out to be a cemetery. Not what we were hoping for, but it was beautiful in its own secret-garden kind of way.

We explored that part of town.

We ate lunch over there, and for the first time this week the wait-staff had a hard time communicating in English. This was actually an encouraging thing since we are thinking of starting an English tutoring/teaching business, and so far EVERYONE we've talked to already knows it! :)

We walked some more and found this sign:

I think it means Farmer's Market, and this makes me very happy. We are leaving the day before so we can't go, but it is still nice to see evidence of one.

Just some store-windows.

This is where one can buy a little parka for their little dog.

This is walking down the street towards the park we like from the other day.

People were out lounging around enjoying their Saturday.

There's a shopping center inside this old building.

And an Albert's grocery store, which seems to be pretty common here.

Just a glance at what they have.

Dried fruit and nuts.

Tabasco sauce, jalapenos, salsa, corn chips, and tortillas. Well hot dog!

Frozen pizzas.

Poultry and lunch meat.


This store reminded me of what we had in Belgium. Plenty big and plenty of options. We'll do just fine here. (Especially factoring in a farmer's market and a co-op I found online! Woohoo!)

We thought this little cafe around the corner looked cool, though we didn't stop.

This is not just a pile of dirt, though that's how the picture came out. Behind those scrubby trees was a big play area where families were playing basketball, soccer, and just running around. It was cool to see. There was also a little playground. I would have gotten closer for a pic but people don't usually take kindly to strangers photographing their kids :)

Another little grassy space across the street from the pile of dirt.

It was a pretty part of town.

Yesterday was a great day. Lots of walking, exploring, metro-taking, and people/little dog watching. It was warmer too- we were wishing for our Chacos.

Oh, and P.S. we had really good Thai food for dinner. So happy.

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Jenny said...

So fun! Just a note on the ESL tutoring, my experience has been that even if people know some English, they want to know more! They want to be truly fluent. I loved teaching English and really do miss it sometimes. Anyway, looking forward to seeing where your journey takes you!