Out to Prague 5 and 6.

The apartment we are staying in this week is inside this big old house. It's enclosed in its own courtyard and is just the quietest, most peaceful place. We've loved it.

Breakfast yesterday.

We took the metro out to Prague 6 for some exploring in a more residential area. We hopped on a tram here to head out a little further into the district.

We rode the tram out a little ways.

In the distance you can see all the huge, ginormous apartment buildings left over from the communist days. They are so GIANT. They paint them up pretty colors to make them look a little more cheery. If I lived in one of those apartments I wonder if I would ever find my way back to it? So many HUGE buildings!!

I liked the rooftop balcony on this place.

Pretty similar to downtown but a little smaller and really quiet. There weren't many people around.

I liked this house.

We were on the border of Prague 5 and 6 just to give an idea.

We went into a grocery store just to check it out.

Not super quality photos but I was trying not to get caught.

There was plenty of produce.

Cereal options.

They even had Uncle Ben's rice! :)

We continued walking through this apartment complex.

We were following a GPS map trying to find a house we had found online.

We found it! It's that white duplex, the left side.

It sat on a really pretty little park.

Thoughts on that part of town? I think we'd need to see it at a different time of day to say. It was so quiet and there were no people around. The park was dead. Maybe this is a part of town where people are at work all day, and come back and enjoy the area at night? More research needed.

The tram ride back to the city center.

We got dropped of in Mala Strana, the west side of the river.

It's a really cool part of town.

Crossing Charles Bridge.

There are some great street performers.

A little food festival in Town Square.

Happy campers.

A yummy pastry that they roast on those big rollers then roll in sugar. Oh my.

We didn't try this but we sure were tempted!

We ended up back here for dinner. Incredible.

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AsiaMama said...

I can totally picture you guys loving this place! Especially the great food. Mala Strana looks awesome! I wanna come visit ;)