We love Brussels.

It seems we've been back and forth to Brussels a lot recently.

We were there recently with Daniel shooting for a project Clay and he are working on with several other Belgian pastors.

When we aren't working one of our favorite things to do in Brussels is catch breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien. Clay really loves the bread basket with all the jams, chocolate spreads, and honey. I usually go for their yummy scrambled eggs.

Last time we were in Brussels, I hit the jackpot at one of my favorite little health stores. Not only did they have stevia (a sugar substitute that isn't as common here in Europe) in powder and liquid form, but they had stevia tablets!! This is HUGE! I can now enjoy sweet tasting tea or coffee when we're out and about!

I feel so liberated.

Brussels has become one of our favorite cities.


Ethan, Kristen, Claire and Griffin said...

Love this. You're making me love Brussels too!

Jasper said...

Brussels is great, can't believe so many people in Flanders hate it, they only come to work and drive their car there!