His and Hers.

Can you tell which one is gluten AND sugar free?

Somedays I get the urge to drag myself back into the swamp of gluten-free baking. It usually occurs after a long enough period has passed that I am once again convinced that I can actually pull something out of the oven that resembles food. Or when I am simply desperate for something bread-like.

Well today was one of those days.

After a year of hockey pucks and saw dust, I give you:

The Zucchini Muffin:

I used this recipe as a guide and did some tweaking and substituting to make them sugar-free. For the first time, I had something edible and actually enjoyable. I am pretty excited.

I dug into my Lakanto stash for this one- the big dog of sugar substitutes (in taste and price). These muffins are worth it.

I think Clay is going to stick with his above-pictured bran muffins (and I don't blame him), but for me, these stocky zucchini-guys are just the ticket.

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