We've got a slew of visitors coming in the next 2 months, Hallelujah! I've been cleaning and sprucing getting this place ready for a party.

The entryway now has a fun new greeting-board.

I used an old frame we had lying around and some fabric Mom and Mel bought me in Glen Rose last year.

I also never showed you the vintage-tablecloth curtains I referred to a few months ago. They turned out great and keep that marvelous 5am sunshine out of our eyes.

At this rate, everything should be perfect around here just in time to move out come March :)

But no matter. Guests, bring it on! We offer you a happy 'Bienvenue!'

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Derek & Meredith said...

I love the sign and the curtains! Beautiful. Are you just using a dry erase marker on the glass? Genius!