A fun weekend.

A Sirin weekend, hooray!

We walked all around Verviers, watched a chick flick, and ate chips and guacamole. I am so thankful to God for my friend Sirin and the fun girl-time we get to have together.

The boys joined up with us and we headed to 3-Borders, the place where Belgium, The Netherlands, and Germany intersect. Our cell phones were going crazy with all the roaming in and out of different countries. Awesome.

There was a labyrinth. Has anyone done a labyrinth lately? Why don't more places have these? We had a blast.

It even had water spouts blocking certain paths that you had to wait to jump over.

We were thankful to be with our brilliant friends who know German (and French, Dutch, Latin, Greek, and Turkish for goodness sakes!). Without them we never would have noticed the 'Exit' sign. We would probably still be trapped in all those hedges if it wasn't for them.

Ah Belgium.

And friends.

We love you guys!

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