Today is the final day for exams and also the beginning of a big music festival in town. The streets are hopping!

This is a club near our apartment. You can see the crowd of kids in front, and the guy out back delivering more alcohol. It's going to be a long night for us I'm afraid. It doesn't look like this party is letting up anytime soon.

All the shops in town are having sales, too, so of course I high-tailed it down to my favorite 2nd-hand shops. I found a really cute rug/blanket/table cloth. Not sure what it is, but it does a good job of hiding the junk by our front door.

Of course it does nothing for the view from the door.... still working on that. Not sure what can be done.

This is our city trash can and the BBQ grill is behind it. Add all the barbeque supplies and some recycling stuff, and you've got yourself a messy entryway mix. P.S. Clay loves carrying that trash can down 2 flights of stairs every week :)

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