He blew me a kiss.

Willie Nelson just played in Brussels! It was so much fun to see and hear some Texas!

We laughed a lot. Not many people knew the English lyrics and he kept asking the crowd to sing along, so we gave him some Texas love and sung along with him as loud as we could. The men in front of us didn't really appreciate it :)

But then we didn't appreciate being the 2 shorties behind a couple of giants either. Here is Clay expressing his short-guy woes.

It was a great night. The crowd was small and we were really close to the stage. It was also a very calm crowd so we tried to stand out as much as we could and get some attention. We were ridiculous, so glad none of you were there, but it paid off! During "Good-Hearted Woman" Willie blew me a kiss. Like for real. And I blew him one back. And then he smiled his little old-man smile at us. It was way worth standing on my tiptoes and yelling at the top of my lungs for an hour. Hopefully the 2 giants in front of us thought Willie's kiss was for them and will forgive the obnoxious shorties for proving every annoying-American stereotype true. This was no time for diplomacy. This was Willie for pete's sake.

Still feeling the happy affects of the Texas fairy dust, we strolled around Brussels and enjoyed the city. We love this town.

The next day it was back to Huy for some serious World Cup action.

Can you guess where the Americans live?

Living over here is pretty great, but hearing the National Anthem sure does make my heart swell.

Go get 'em, boys.


Kerrie said...

Willie Nelson in Brussels -- AWESOME!! I'm so glad you guys got to go. How does he look with the new "do" by the way?

Jocelyn said...

oh, how fun!... to have a bit of down-home fun... complete with a warm kiss!! looks and sounds like an awesome night