Month 23!

We're cruising right along here and just entered our 23rd month! Yikes! Time is flying! And we are trying hard to enjoy every second!

Last week Sirin came and spent the day. We had fun putting together the nativity set I found onsale at the grocery store. A month or so late, but Jesus' birth is pretty cool all the time :)

We've also been spending a lot of time at our new favorite pub. It's bittersweet finding such a welcoming and special place in our last few months but we are enjoying it. Rita and Jean Claude are neat people.

This is the night she made us chicons au gratin, a Belgian specialty.

The weather has been extremely beautiful, which I take as a personal farewell gesture from Belgium. Thank you, Belgium. You really are stunning when the clouds peel back just a bit.

Oh, and I found a little cat friend!! A real one, this time ;)

Yesterday we had lunch at Ali and Nada's and I couldn't wait for Nagham to get home from school, because I finally was able to bring over her gingerbread house!

It was so fun.

The boys had fun on their computers as usual. Sweet friends.

For the last week, most of our days have found us at our dining table working on a talk we are giving next week in Thailand.

We are leaving tomorrow to join a group of folks we work with to give a little presentation on communication and video. We are super excited!! My jeans got soaked with chilly rain as I walked home from the grocery store today, and all I kept thinking was "Bangkok, Bangkok, Bangkok..." 80 degrees, here we come!

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