Laura and Andy are here!

An old friend came to town Sunday! And she brought her new husband! If you had told us as little girls sitting next to each other on the school bus at the age of 6 that we would someday we running around Brussels together we wouldn't have believed you (or known where the heck Brussles was).

We walked around Huy with them and thought it would be fun to take them up to Old Huy to watch the sunset.

Old Huy is a place we really love. There's a great view of the city, and in the summer we've had a lot fun BBQ picnics.

Good times like these:

And these:

But the other night we found this:

A bricked up wall. What??? No more Old Huy, people. Sad but true. Apparently the city is cracking down on the youth drinking and drug situation and this secluded meeting spot was targeted.

So we walked around a little bit in disbelief.

And then found a way in! Andy is a genius. A deputy Macgyver for sure.

Our eyes beheld this view for what will more than likely be the last time. Sigh.

And the sneaks themselves. I was so nervous we were going to be caught. Even the flash on my camera made me jumpy.

We went to Liege yesterday, and Laura tried her first Melocake. Epic moment for any Belgian tourist.

Last night we got some wine, bread, and cheese (we are going to miss living over a cheese shop) and settled in for one of our traditional B-movie nights. The selected film was the original 1970s "Piranha". Nice.

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