Those crazy American neighbors.

I heard a cat meowing while I was cleaning the bathroom this afternoon. It went on for a few seconds so I quickly threw open the window, already envisioning my new cat that I was about to rescue. I scanned the rooftops behind our apartment and saw nothing. Thinking maybe the cat needed a little encouragement, I meowed a little myself thinking I could call it to me.

I don't have a new pet. What I do have is a creeped out neighbor who I made eye contact with while I was meowing. He must have heard the cat and opened his window to check things out too. All he found was a crazy cat lady meowing from her window.


And now, one of my babies from home because I am sore I did not get to rescue a kitty to be my new pet today.


Muffy and Spencer said...

I almost just spilled coffee all over my computer while reading this!

Kerrie said...

Hilarious! I can only imagine what he was thinking. Here's hoping your little kitty friend comes back!