More Sunshine!

Yesterday was dinosaur museum day! On our way to catch our train to Brussels, I screeched to a halt.

That's my bird.

That's MY bird!

I took a couple of craft classes last year and in one session I made a mould of a bird. I brought the produced bird home, but left the mould with the teacher. And now apparently SHE'S USING IT!! Oh how we laughed! That weird, crooked-necked bird morphed into a flower wall-hanging and is now headlining in a shop window! Now, to observe and see if someone actually BUYS it! This is awesome.

We made it to the museum. I am craving Jurassic Park now.

Here we are deciphering some masonic clues listed in my book "Secret Brussels." Luckily for us, Xavier knows Latin and Ancient Greek- is that not incredible? I feel like we should all be out solving mysteries together! It was fun until I started feeling really creepy out there. Like DaVinci Code creepy. We kept waiting for Tom Hanks to walk out and give us a hand.

Sirin and I enjoyed watching our guys walking through Brussels, one so European and the other so American. Clay even has the backpack and water bottle. It can be hard finding your place here, but after some time and settling in with good friends, it's a blast.

And then today, today! When I went downstairs this morning the living room just looked... different. Then I realized that it was SUNSHINE!! In a room that hasn't seen direct sun in months!

What an incredible day! We were all outside, bundled up, trying to catch some vitamin D!

Happy Wednesday!

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