We made it to the big BKK!! Bangkok is crazy!!! Cars and people everywhere. Street vendors and spirit houses. It's intense and hot and loud. And wonderful! :) We were so excited to get to return this year, and in the dead of Belgian winter too. Our feet are very happy to be in Chacos again.

We've been recovering from jet lag the last few days, spending time with friends who are so nice and patient with our brains that still think it's 6 hours earlier than it is... I think we kept them up until after 1am our first night. Sorry guys.

The elephant building is alive and well. As are the hot pink taxis.

And, Land of Cute that it is, Thailand is rocking my socks off once more with its incredibly cute ways. They add big cute eyes to a toilet, and you find yourself wanting to love it forever.

Not only could I resist the Nativity set for myself a few weeks ago, but a set for my Thailand girls seemed necessary as well. We had fun playing with it after breakfast this morning.

We ran around town a little bit today. There is nothing like time spent with good friends. Precious precious friends.

SO happy to be in Bangkok and thankful to God for being able to share life with friends!

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