I'm proud of my wife.

As some of you know, Megan has been running for the past few months. A while back she wanted to give running a go, and approach it with some dedication and discipline.

Well, tonight it was in the low 30s and raining (which is much worse than the snow in my opinion) but that didn't stop her. In fact, we set out to run 5 miles - a new personal record for her. Not only did she agree to take the hilly route, but about half way through she said "if we go this way, we'll be able to work in a few more miles and hills." What an attitude.

Not only did she finish the 5 miles, but finished it in a great attitude, still able to talk and breathe, and even said she could have done more.

Tonight Megan set a new record. It was awesome and I'm proud of her.


Jana said...

that apple fell FAR FAR from this tree :)
Way to go Meggie-Rue!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Meagan!!!!! Wish I had your attitude. Love you, b

Jenny said...

So inspired by this Megan--way to go!

Kerrie said...

What a woman! Good job Megan!

Pat Chapman said...

Precious braggin' rights from you Clay! Way to go Megan Ruth!!