So-long to Thailand for now!

Before leaving, we had a few things to take care of. Clay's haircut was way less eventful than mine, but he did get a surprise eyebrow trim which was pretty fun to watch. He makes me laugh so hard!

It was also interesting to note how "American" the streets were. Tourism is HUGE here, and they know what we like :)

This morning we awoke in colorful Vietnam. I did a little dance when I opened our curtains this morning. How do we, these 2 Tomball kids, end up in all these places??

We, along with our friends here, decided a river boat ride was just the ticket for seeing some pretty city sites. Here we are boarding...

And here we are leaving before the boat even set sail. Yeah, the music was SO loud. And it was going to be a 2-hour tour.... we slurped down our drinks and hopped back onto the dock just before we set sail. It was a close one.

We thought a stroll through Ho Chi Minh was more our style, and the decorations out for Vietnamese New Year (Tết) made the walk so beautiful.

Even the money here is pretty. I just want to spread it all out and look at it for awhile.

P.S. There is a cat in the house we are staying in that actually climbed into my lap today and took a nap! Surely it's a sign. This may be the best week ever.


Jenny said...

That Ronald McDonald statue is creepy! I know how comforting a good hamburger can be though when in another country:) Adventure on, Jen

Kerrie said...

Tell Clay that Greg will certainly sympathize with the eyebrow thing. At least Clay still has more hair on his head than on his brows. Greg, not so much!