Home, home, home again. I am sitting on my couch, looking out at a snowy, blustery Huy, listening to some old Caedmon's and thankful to be known by our God. It is good to be home.

Getting home from our trips is always bittersweet. It is nice to hear the bells again, walk the cobblestones again, see our friends again. At the same time it is also hard to get going again. It's like I forget what my life is like here. How do I "do life" here? What do I do everyday, anyways? It makes me realize that culture shock and and all the other little treats that come as a part of living in a different country are still very much affecting me. If I moved back to Tomball today, even after being gone a year, I know I would slip back into life there. It would be a challenge to get used to some things, but on the whole I know I would remember it well, slipping back into it like a song you haven't heard for ages but somehow you can still sing every word.

Not so with my life here. I don't dread it, and it's not that I don't like it, it's just that it takes getting used to again. It usually takes a week or 2 before I get settled in again. Before I find my routine. Before I can live in French again. Oh, heavens.

Oh and guess what. My purse is gone. Somewhere between the Brussels-Noord station and my front door, my purse somehow disappeared from my backpack on the way home yesterday. It either leapt out of its own accord, or it was helped from its safe perch by a clever sneak on the train. Either way it is gone. My phone. My camera (no!). Credit cards and Belgian ID card. My Burt's Bees lip gloss.

We reported it missing with the train people. We've also called my phone a couple of times, but it keeps going to voice mail which either means it doesn't have reception or that whoever has it stripped it of its SIM card (how truly violating). One upside is the chance that whoever has my purse will try my Burt's Bees lip gloss. Maybe they could talk Belgium into importing it.

This stinks. It's ok. But it also stinks. Sigh.

Moving on (for now). Our trip in Asia ended well. There was a gap in between the flights into Bangkok from Ho Chi Minh and our flight from Bangkok to Belgium so we were able to spend a few nights in the city and reconnect with our friends there.

We found the cutest hotel to stay in!! I found it on TripAdvisor a while ago, and was really looking forward to it. I was not disappointed. Remember how I said that Thailand was the cutest country ever? This still appears to be true.

Here are a few pics from our stay.

A sitting room off the little gift shop.

The computer/chill area across the open air courtyard.

Our bedroom.

Yeah, it doesn't get more precious.

The bathroom.

Seriously, it was the cutest, most unique and creative place I have ever stayed at. The whole thing was handpainted from top to bottom. There were whimsically patterned fabrics and tiling all over the place. It was precious in its entirety. I even wore my fun Thailand pants to breakfast one morning- they just seemed to fit :)

I had some other great shots of the rooftop organic garden and the incredible view of the city, but alas, some sneaky sneak is enjoying those pictures along with the other contents of my purse.

... again, moving on...

If you ever go to Bangkok and you like funky, interesting places, stay at the Phranakorn-Nornlen Hotel :)

When we got home there was a package waiting from my mom. She sent a Valentine's Day box complete with a pink Snuggie. Is that not awesome??! We laughed until we cried when we opened it. Thanks, Mom. I am still laughing.

More good news is that Nada had her baby boy 2 days ago!! Hopefully we will get to see them this week. I am so excited!!

Happy weekend, all!


Kerrie said...

Aww, Megan, how frustrating that your purse is gone. Maybe it truly did fall out and some good hearted soul found it and is trying to get it to you. Do you need more lip gloss? I can send you tons! I think that would be the most annoying part, honestly. I don't use Burt's Bees but I have a serious Carmex addiction and if I couldn't get any, well, let's just say it could easily turn into an international disaster! I hope your stuff turns up!

Derek & Meredith said...

Sad about your purse! I think I'd be most upset about the pictures. I lost some pictures once when our computer crashed... still not over it! I hope everything somehow makes it's way back to you. Also hoping you get back into life in Belgium easier than you expect to. I understand those moments trying to figure out what life is supposed to look like now. I love being a mom, but some days it's tough to figure out the best thing to do (for the house, for Derek, for the baby...). Does that make sense? Okay, this is getting long enough. Love ya!

Michelle Baker said...

Oh you guys!! I miss you both. Rich and I keep talking about moving some place and getting you two and kevin to join us. . . Megan, I'm sorry about your purse! I'm going to pray that it shows up. I've got "hurt feelings" just thinking about it. I wish you were here with me now. I'm sitting in Barnes and Nobles waiting for rich to finish golfing with Jon Zakas! There are only so many mindless magazines I can flip through! Love you guys.

Jamie H. said...

Just getting caught up on your blog and soooooooo sad to hear about the purse and ESPECIALLY THE CAMERA!!!!!! I just can't believe it. Not cool at all. I really hope somehow, someway, it comes back to you... Aww, I miss you Meggiepoo.