We spent some time today at the campus our friends work at. Very cool. Some things are so similar to our experience in America. Check out this cafeteria.

And then there's the food court. 3o stalls like this lady's all in a long outdoor corridor. Garlic chicken, limeade, and a pineapple slushy was our choice.

The dorms are a little different too. I like all the shoes lined up outside. The other side of the building showed laundry hanging out of every window to dry.

They also wear uniforms to class, but manage to "flair" it up with heels and cute bags.

Thailand is the "cutest" place I have ever been, and by that I mean cuteness oozes out of every facet of this place. It's like Hello Kitty on steroids and I am loving it. I need to take a picture of some of the packaging at the grocery store. Seriously, these people make rice and toilet paper look cute.

Jetlag hit us a little today so we had to crash after our garlic chicken to gear up for our evening of shooting video out at another campus. It's a fast-paced world for the Sandozes right now and we're loving it.


Coop said...

Oh I would love Hello Kitty on steroids! lol, I am so proud of you cousin and I love ya mucho! - Love, Caley

Anna Alexis said...

Thinking of you guys and praying for you. Hope you kicked the jetlag. How was the garlic chicken? Meg, do you remember Sanrio Surprise in the Willowbrook Mall? I LIVED to go to that store when I was a kid. I liked the frog, Kero Kero Keroppi.
p.s.I want to hear about where you are staying!

Justin Belk said...

I love following your blog...the pictures are absolutely amazing! It sounds like yall are having so much fun! Tell Keith hi for me!

Take care guys... can't wait to hear more of your stories when you return!