We made it to Thailand!! Whew! A long day of travel. It began with Kevin escorting us to the airport. His assignment was to return back to Huy with all of our winter gear (it's in the 80s/90s here in Thailand), but he went above an beyond with coffee and croissants.

We've enjoyed the sights today, while wondering around with our friend Nate, just trying to stay awake until it was late enough to go to bed.

The Thai script is so cool. So ancient- looking. Even on an electrical pole.

The elephant is one of the national animals. Beat that, Dubai :)

One of the best parts about our job is reuniting with old and new friends. Clay grew up with Nate in Midlothian, Tx . Now Nate is working in Bangkok. They enjoyed some Dairy Queen together :) Yum, Blizzards!!

And here I am with the spirit houses outside of our hotel. They are everywhere!

Ok, off to bed (I am so excited to go to sleep). We are 13 hours ahead of you in Texas, so I wish you all "goodmorning!"


Jana said...

Yeah! You made it! Now I have to go google "spirit houses"...the things you teach me! love you baby! mama

Coop said...

I love the pictures you posted from Thailand! It looks so pretty there. I hope you're having the time of your life girlie :)