Hello 2010.

I for one can't believe it's the new year. And it's already the FIFTH of January at that, meaning that this year fully intends to fly by just like the last one. Surprisingly, I am reaching a strange, never-before experienced stage here in Belgium where I am actually starting to wish it would all SLOW DOWN. This is very strange and surprising indeed. For the past (almost) 10 months I have been engaged in life here in Belgium, all the while constantly ticking off the months somewhere in the back of my homesick head. It's all been fun to be sure, but I think I have been secretly trying to make it go faster. Now I am starting to feel like I have been purposely rushing through my own birthday party- gulping down the punch and asking if the cake could be wrapped to-go! We have almost been here a year! A whole year! And there is only one more left! How do you reconcile wanting to be home so bad it aches with just wanting to sit down and enjoy your cake? Do please advise.

So far, 2010 has been busy and blustery. We are cramming in last minute visits and French classes before our trip to Thailand that's coming up fast. I apparently left my housekeeping skills in 2009 and promptly sent back for them, but to no avail. There is still stale candy in the living room from gingerbread parties past. Laundry, however, has been much less of a chore since my family's amazing Christmas gift... a big high-five for that one, guys. It is soooo wonderful.

I'll leave you with this random point of interest: the walking hotdog stand. Hands down the most enterprising fanny pack I have ever seen.


Janis said...

I'm not sure you can reconcile them. The wanting to be home is always there along with the deep appreciation for where you are and God's blessings. Somehow, they coexist. Being away taught me the difference between happiness and joy. I would have been very happy to be at home. The joy and contentment came from the appreciation for where I was and seeing the blessings God was giving me. Hope this makes sense!

thatsthehalls.blogspot.com said...

Oh, Megan, thank you for the encouraging words on my blog post. It's good for me to read that your heart is changing toward being so far from home. A great reminder to look for the good in the situations God has us in and try to enjoy them more from the beginning... that's my goal!