It has been incredible to meet new friends and hear their stories this week. We feel so blessed to be here! We truly have one of the best jobs in the world.

Tonight we all had a free night so we headed into Chiang Mai for some Night Bazaar action. One of my friends and I got chased down by this lady selling croaking wooden frogs.... she totally got us to buy one.

Here are Clay and I on the taxi ride back to the hotel. Things are definitely different here than we are used to. But they are pretty fun, too. There was a light rain on the way home. That combined with the cool breeze made it a great right back. It is so good to laugh with friends, trade stories, and be in awe of the Lord together at all that he has done.

Ok, so I also came home with a Thai Coca-Cola shirt and a crazy pair of pj pants.... they may become real pants if I get brave, but for now they just make me happy :)


Derek & Meredith said...

I'm loving your Thailand posts, especially the haircut incident, your awesome new pants, and meeting Samantha Brown! Thailand is just so cute... you're making me want to go!

Jana said...

I'm digging the pj pants :)

Katie said...

Loving the pants Meg! Your hair looks cute too! I like that you just let them do wahtever they want with your hair...experience it all!

Unknown said...

I showed Uncle Bob this picture and do you know what he said. "those pants look a little short to me" Hahahaha! I was thinking "bright" He is to much funny.
luv u