Why today was awesome.

Today was... wonderful. I am smiling as I write this. You know how some days are just plain crummy for no real reason, and you just have to resign yourself to getting through to bedtime so you can kiss the day goodbye? Well this was exactly the opposite :) And speaking as someone who has had a couple of those crummy days recently, I am happy to report that today was FABULOUS.

REASON #1: Language school was awesome. Our weekly class schedule is as follows: Mondays we are in the classroom and we focus on conversation. Wednesdays we walk around town and she talk to us in French about everything we see. Thursdays are back in the classroom and we talk vocab and grammar.

Today was a walk-around day. So fun! I love it because the day is more informal and the class can talk together. I really enjoy the women in the class. They are so kind. The day was gorgeous as well.

We visited the Hotel de Ville (civil offices). It's the big pretty building in the center of the Grand Place that I have always wanted to go in. I thought it was a hotel for awhile (I wonder why..) and was a little disappointed to find out it is just offices. This room is where the civil part of marriage ceremonies take place in Huy.

And here's a view out the window into the Grand Place. I love that place. It is the epitome of Huy to me.

Did I mention the day was beautiful?

This is one of the oldest houses in Huy. I love it because you can see on its surface how many changes have been made to it. Look at the pattern in the brick. I love the story it tells. Such history here!

Our class tromping through le vieux Huy (old Huy).

Clay being schooled.

REASON #2: We will be playing Carcasonne tonight... YES, we found Settlers of Catan AND Carcasonne yesterday! Can you believe it? May Clay never give me a hard time about dragging him into stores again. We were checking out a toy/craft store when he found the games. It was like finding the Holy Grail- Indiana Jones kind of stuff :) We were so happy.

REASON #3: The guy at the market gave me free stuff again today. A bunch of leeks and 2 bananas. Free vegetables?! That is awesome.

REASON #4: There are plants on my kitchen windowsill. Little red flowers, basil, and...wait for it.... CILANTRO!! I learned the other day that cilantro seeds are coriander (bear with me, garden people), and today while at the market I saw coriander plants! The stalks are a little wimpy, but I am going to nurse those puppies back to health and make us a taco soup to beat the band!

REASON #5 (and slightly less interesting): My jeans fit really well today. Feeling good in jeans is something to celebrate. (no accompanying pictures to prove it :)

What a wonderful day! I am now going to dig through my market finds and cook dinner. Life in Huy is good.

Praise be to God for giving us wonderful days!


Janis said...

The jeans fitting could make a great day all on their own! The other wonderful things just make it even better!

Unknown said...

it was good to see you guys on Sunday!! Fun. I was hoping that we could get your girls on camera, Megan, to say Hi but we thought of it too late to get everyone together. Another time! you guys look good and it's great to hear (and see!) from you all.

Jamie Hatcher said...

REASON #6 - You're the best!!

Anonymous said...


love you guys,