We just had the team over for lunch! Our first real guests in our new home!! It made me really happy :)

Clay got to make his first 'baguette run' before lunch. It was so euro :) Running across the street for bread. Perfect.

We had s'mores for dessert- you can't beat that. And fire always makes things extra fun.

This week is our first "normal" week here since we now have a routine somewhat in place. It is good to get settled in.

The view out of our windows is getting more and more beautiful as spring greens are popping up every where.

Clay took this while I was napping the other day (nothing kills stress like a good nap :) Check out the amazing greens out that window. And the Belgian flag is just waving away. I love it. (Notice that I am covered in a tablecloth. Blankets are on my list of things to purchase. SOON. :)

Love to you!


Jana said...

Is that Hershey bar, or belgian chocolate? Doesn't matter, looked good, and FUN. love, mama

Jamie Hatcher said...

Awesome picture!!!