So, GREAT news. We have internet. Which means I can share some photos! Which makes me really happy because a lot of the times pictures give a better feel for reality than words. Get ready for a lot of photos!

So, where did I leave off. Ah. Jamie's visit. We were able to do some hiking up by the fort which was awesome. We found this little cave which is Clay's dream come true. I think if we didn't already have an apartment, I would be typing this from there, and not be too happy either :)

We then had pitas an watched a movie. Oh, the comforts of the familiar. Thank you for coming, Friend. I needed you.

Later that week, Amy and I set out for Namur, a town a 30 minute train ride away, to visit a healthfood store I found online. We got so lost! Speaking no French, I had to let Amy take the lead in getting us there. I just kind of stood around looking American :)

Easter! We had lunch after church with our pastor's family. Here are 3 generations of women in their family preparing lunch. I love it. It made me think of the WWAC (you know who you are) and how much I love them. I miss you!

Clay is being silly here, but I really just wanted to show their backyard. So beautiful! Spring is definitely here.

I am enjoying getting to know Daisy! She has a lot of wisdom having been exactly where I am just 18 months ago.

As we walked home after lunch I couldn't help thinking how absolutely amazing it is that we LIVE here! It is just so beautiful and perfect looking :)

Yesterday, I went with Daisy to hang out with her friends Sirin and Xavier. We decided to drive up to The Netherlands for a couple of hours (rad, yes?), and got to see a lot of beautiful Belgian countryside on the way. Just gorgeous.

They also wanted to take me by a cemetery and memorial for American soldiers that died there during WW2. Guys, this was totally unexpected and emotional. Being so far from home myself, my heart just broke to see so many fallen soldiers that never got to go home. How beautiful their sacrifice is! I was deeply moved by this place. Try to visit places like this. They deserve it. (While we're on the subject, pray for my cousin Jake who's in Iraq right now. We love you, Jake!)

We then continued on to Maastricht in The Netherdlands. Ok, I quickly found out that marijuana is legal there. It was so surreal to walk down the street and see stores that sell all different kinds of pot. So bizarre when you are not accustomed to it! I ran over to this shop, because I thought it was a healthfood store, only to be shocked to see the little seeds and leaves for sale. Notice their special blend written on the black board....

Something else funny is this restaurant. When we rounded that corner, I felt kind of strange. Then I turned around and noticed that ALL of the tables and chairs of this cafe were facing the street. They were all just LOOKING at us. So unnerving. It was funny.

We headed back home, had some yummy Turkish food (Sirin is Turkish), and relaxed. So fun! I really enjoyed my time with these new friends! So gracious! I hope to see them again soon.

A few random notes:
I thought you might be interested in seeing the view from our living room (and bedroom, too, for that matter). So ridiculous, right? It is perfect. We love being able to look out and watch life happen here.

And, you guessed it. MacGyver has been making some appearances here in Huy :) Something about this show calms me and makes me feel at home. I love it!

Going to the market every week has been so much fun! I look forward to it each week.

I just got home from my trip a few hours ago and got some soup going. I have never cooked with leeks before, but they are everywhere here! Notice the new paint color in the kitchen, too. I will take some pictures of our apartment soon, so you can see the progress. It is looking so nice.

Ah. I can't tell you how great it feels to get those pictures out there. I want you to share this with us! Now, it is time for soup, and then bed, while listening to the Belgian rain hitting our rooftop. ...I like this :)


Kate said...

I just love that we are having the same weather! Glad you got your internet and cam feel more connected now (pun totally intended!). looking forward to seeing the apartment photos!

Jenny said...

What an adventure Megan! I love hearing you describe it and it does feel like we are sharing it with you--as close as we can get to sitting on your new, lovely couch with you chatting away:) Jen

Anna Alexis said...

I am so happy to see pictures of your life in Huy but I am even more happy to hear that you are loving life there! God is so good.
The apartment looks like it is coming along. I love the big windows and the view is so charming.

p.s. What color is the kitchen? Eggplant? Or brown?