Guess what I am doing. Making popcorn. On the stove. With organic extra virgin coconut oil. Oh my gosh. It is so good. I am not getting enough of it these days! I have been doing a no sugar thing for the last few days, and this popcorn is saving me. That is all for now. Just wanted to share something totally random :)

Pictures of life and our apartment to come soon. We don't have our own internet at the moment so I haven't felt like I could upload pics.

Love to you all!

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chrissy.nicole said...

i can get excited with you about making popcorn! here in China they have some of the strangest flavors of popcorn that you could ever imagine. fish, hot pepper, cream, strawberry and so many other tasty flavors. (yuck) so we found "butter style" and i danced around in the supermarket. we got home and popped it and realized it's more like kettle corn than butter popcorn but we loved every bit of it anyways!
I have totally read through all of you blogs today! haha i wanted to be up to date on your journey. it's comforting to know people that are going through the same situation of living in a foreign country. :) you guys are in my prayers! have an amazing Easter!