Thought you would like to see how the furniture moving went :)

Here the men are working on their strategy.

And we're off! We were trying very hard to avoid our downstairs neighbor's windows.

This is how we celebrated- pitas from the Turkish place down the street. So incredibly good. All of you who said we would soon find foods here that we loved as much as the ones we left in Texas, were correct. Oh my goodness. These pitas are amazing. Come visit us and try them :)

We have been VERY busy painting! The bathroom is the only room left- we will be so glad when that is done.

The first night we were painting the Jr. High group came by and introduced themselves. So precious. They were our first visitors- it made me so happy. I offered them Melocakes (another Belgian food that is sooo good) and American Easter candy that Mom sent from home. I wish you could have seen Clay's face when one kid took a Cadberry Egg. Ha! Few things make one as protective as when their Cadberry Egg is in jeopardy.

This is a sign we saw on the train the other day and it sums up how I have been feeling. So many questions!

And, SURPRISE! Jamie Lamb is here from Austin. It is soooo good to have her here!! She makes me laugh- such good stress relief :) She is a delight.


Unknown said...

Hey guys - the place is looking great. I had visions of some high-tech lift device for the furniture, nothing like rope and a little sweat. Did you move the appliances up the same way?

Janis said...

that pita looks sooooooo good!

Unknown said...

I wish more people would have eaten my cadberry eggs then I wouldn't look like I do today.
Love Aunt Connie