This season!!

I can't believe it's December 21!!! But who says a lickedy-split season can't be savored?

We have been loving every second!

The Jamails laid-over in Brussels for a day just to spend time with us! They were incoming from Rwanda so the cold was a little shocking! These gals scurried around Brussels in not much more than borrowed scarves and rain boots! Such friends!

We braved the strange looks at the grocery store once more in preparation for the gingerbread house party. Candy-buying time! It's so fun to change things up and roam the aisles in search of building materials instead of meal ingredients. Cereal= roof shingles and gummy bears= garden gnomes.

Clay has continued meeting with Belgian pastors putting together some videos to be used as teaching tools. It's neat to get a broader perspective of what's going on in other parts of the country.

Oh, and news flash!! You are not going to believe this. We finished it. We have been working our way through MacGyver since before we were married. It has accompanied us many places (even the side of a mountain). And inspired much action (to be witnessed here, password: "secret").

And just this past week, the fellowship ended. We'll miss you Mac. Say hi to Jack, Kate, and Sawyer for us. Show 'em a thing or two.

Last weekend we benefited from some more friends laying over in Brussels. We got to share lunch and some Belgian desserts with Gabe and Janet. Such a fun day!

The day got better as not only was it Amy's birthday, but it was also the night of the light parade!! Which we got to watch from the warmth of our living room! Living on main street is where it's at!

It wasn't so much a Disney World light parade, more of a people wrapped in light ropes kind of thing. There was loud music and people were dancing. It was super fun and very "belge."

This past weekend it was mostly just a lot of this:

So what do you do when it looks like that? Watch the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, of course. If you have yet to do it this year, I encourage you. It really should be an annual thing. And make sure to pause it every few hours to pull back the curtains and ooo and aaahhh about the weather and your incredible fortune at being inside with the hobbits.

Huy really is gorgeous right now. Very icy and fresh. And slushy around the curbs. We love it.

And of course, Clay busies himself perfecting his snowball craft.

And that's our life right now. A quick-paced fun season, some work and some play. We are enjoying it all right now!

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