I wish you could have seen us the other night. It had to have been entertaining. Clay accompanied me to the laundrymat, and on the way home, something we have been dreading occurred... neither of us had a key. And Kevin, who has a spare, was in another town just beginning his evening with a friend. Great.

We moped around for awhile, considering our options. Clay even tried to scale the wall in the courtyard behind our building, resulting in a rock slide and the quick decision that scaling a 3 story building is pretty much never a good idea (something we discussed before he tried it, might I add :) While sitting on a bench, waiting for the creatures of the night to start creeping about, and wondering if I should start folding my clean clothes, a thought struck us like lightning.

What were we doing sitting there as if we didn't have the means to make this work? Hello, you don't watch season after season of MacGyver just to sit on your hands when there's a problem to solve!

I will not delve into detail here, because I am sure you are all out there trying to figure out how to break into our appartment, but I will say 2 words: duct tape. Seriously.

I really wish we had had the camera rolling when it finally worked.


Anonymous said...

Okay, so Amanda and I are dying here? How did you use the duct tape?? -mama

Anna Alexis said...

Oh. my. word. Y'all are too funny. This post totally made my day. Well this one and the one about Meg making that tiny sewing machine work. It really makes me miss you Meg. You and all your quirkiness. I read that post and thought, Only Meg. Only Meg.

Anonymous said...

You may want to facebook the How To: So all of the criminal minds will not be informed

Unknown said...

Anonymous above is you Auntie, I was in a hurry and posted really fast. ha! Please let me know how the tape worked.