Pumpkin Pie.

Sirin and I had a fun snow day yesterday. Xavier had a meeting near Huy so he deposited my friend with me for the day.

Last year they mentioned they wanted to try pumpkin pie so that's what we set ourselves to. (Sidenote: I also discovered something new at the grocery store- we have evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk here! Thank you lait concentré. You are worth your weight in the cheesecake that I can now make with you. Indeed this changes everything.)

We felt like little apothecaries measuring our powders and grinding cloves. All done in super-cute aprons of course.

O it IS the holidays, it really IS!

While our masterpiece cooled we went out for a walk to the shops in Huy. The snow was intense. The flakes were coming down in clumps. And their shapes were incredible

Can you make out the big one in the middle there? A perfect star! We stood there staring at it until we finally had to start letting people pass on the sidewalk.

The perfection and intricacy of snowflakes kind of blows my mind. To see something so creative and then realize that there are a gazillion more of them falling unceasingly in buckets all around you... God is kind of overwhelming. If we had stood there much longer I probably would have been weeping.

After dinner Clay and I enjoyed a piece of pumpkin pie and saluted Leslie Nielson in Naked Gun.

We'll miss you Mr. Nielson. Thanks for making us laugh so hard.

"This is our hill... and these are our beans!"

P.S. We will see how much fun snowflakes are when I have to walk to the laundry mat today to dry our clothes...


Muffy and Spencer said...

Brendon was almost in tears when he called me from the platform to tell me about Leslie Nielson. I said, "Surely you must be joking!"

I think we all know the rest.

Love the photo of him on the computer w the piece of pie.

Um--what does one wear to the laundromat when it is snowing? How can you bundle up if you have to wash all your clothes?? The logistics boggle the mind.

Clay and Megan said...

Sweet husband that he is, Clay did the walking this time. It's actually not so bad since you are already sweating from lugging 2 huge duffle bags of wet clothes over your shoulder... I wish you were here and we could watch some more Leslie Nielson movies.

Jocelyn said...

that snowflake is INCREDIBLE!! how wonderfully fun! oh i wish it would snow here... but we have been wearing shortsleeves playing outside at the park... sigh... but i'm sure if i got snow every day i would be thinking about how i wish it was warmer so my children could go outside, so... :)